Cecconi’s restaurant (GFO)

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About Cecconi’s restaurant (GFO)

An excellent, authentic Italian restaurant in Miami. If you want to try the best GF pastas and pizzas in the city, look no further.

For the fancy at heart, we suggest the GF pizza with truffle topping, a delicate taste for the finest palates.

Gluten free bread is also available upon request.

Last but not least, the sublime decor is a feast for the eyes, enhancing your dining experience to make it extraordinary.

(Photos: Facebook)


+1 786-507-7902


Monday6:00 - 23:00

Tuesday6:00 - 23:00

Wednesday6:00 - 23:00

Thursday6:00 - 23:00

Friday6:00 - 00:00

Saturday6:00 - 00:00

Sunday6:00 - 23:00