La trompette (GFO)


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About La trompette (GFO)

An exclusive French gourmet restaurant located on Devonshire Road in West London.

The stylish menu offers a wide selection of gluten-free options. We can recommend the wild duck, the roasted lamb, and the turbo accompanied by a creamy porcini fondue. You will not leave La Trompette disappointed!

Guests can also enjoy excellent homemade GF bread.

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+44 (0)20 8747 1836


Monday12:00-14:30 18:30-22:30

Tuesday12:00-14:30 18:30-22:30

Wednesday12:00-14:30 18:30-22:30

Thursday12:00-14:30 18:30-22:30

Friday12:00-14:30 18:30-22:30

Saturday12:00-14:30 18:30-22:30

Sunday12:30-15:00 19:00-21:30