L’atelier Vivanda (GFO)


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About L’atelier Vivanda (GFO)

Excellent French steakhouse !

GF menu: GF options
Cuisine: Bistro meat
Gluten Free Pasta: NO
Gluten Free Bread: NO

A bistro atmosphere where you can enjoy excellent meat dishes!

Located on Rue Lauriston in the 16th district, and created by Arame (a two-star restaurant just across the street), L’atelier Vivanda offers an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert for 35 euros.
There is a wide choice of prime quality meat :black hangus steak, prime rib, quasi veal, chicken, or our favorite – the belotta.
The menu changes weekly

Three locations: in Le Marais, on Rue Cherche-midi, and on Rue Lauriston.

(Photo: Facebook)


+33 1 40 67 10 00