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Lili’s 57

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About Lili’s 57

Discover this Asian restaurant that offers a full gluten free menu !

This is an Asian restaurant with Japanese dominance, located in Midtown West, directly across from Carnegie Hall, 2 blocks from Central Park.

The menu offers the classics: sushi maki, nigiri sushi, sashimi sushi and ramen, and many dishes with chicken or pork.

The prices are average: count $ 3.95 for a roll maki lawyer for example.

Discover their gluten free menu:


(Photo: Facebook)


+1 646-434-4646


Monday11h30 - 15h00 | 18H00 - 22H00

Tuesday11h30 - 15h00 | 18H00 - 22H00

Wednesday11h30 - 15h00 | 18H00 - 22H00

Thursday11h30 - 15h00 | 18H00 - 22H00

Friday11h30 - 15h00

Saturday19H00 - 23H00

Sunday18H00 - 22H00