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Locanda Locatelli


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About Locanda Locatelli

Excellent Michelin starred restaurant!

Chef Giorgio Locatelli is very familiar with the difficulties encountered by people with food allergies. His own little girl is celiac, and he took the matter in his own hands to create a special menu for her and all the alike.

This kids approved menu includes an excellent range of gluten-free pastas and sweet desserts. At Locanda Locatelli, there is no risk of cross contamination, as the owner knows all the rules and consequences.
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020 7935 9088


Monday12:00-15:00 18:00-23:00

Tuesday12:00-15:00 18:00-23:00

Wednesday12:00-15:00 18:00-23:00

Thursday12:00-15:00 18:00-23:00

Friday12:00-15:00 18:00-23:30

Saturday12:00-15:00 18:00-23:30

Sunday12:00-15:00 18:00-22:15