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About Malabar (GFO)

Welcome to Malabar, one of the most famous restaurants in Latin America.

Located in the chic San Isidro’s district in Lima, Malabar reinvents the flavors of the Amazonian Peruvian kitchen in a modern key.

The mollusks and seafood are brilliantly executed by chef Schiaffino – a recognized alumni of the Culinary Institute of America in NYC- and his well trained team.

The menu offers a few gluten free dishes. We recommend a Yuca root dish with coke and corn. Inform the staff about your allergies, and the chefs will create a personalized dish that suits your needs.


+51 1 4405300


Monday12:30-16:00 19:30-23:30

Tuesday12:30-16:00 19:30-23:30

Wednesday12:30-16:00 19:30-23:30

Thursday12:30-16:00 19:30-23:30


Saturday12:30-16:00 19:30-00:00

Sunday 19:30-00:00