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About Marriott Essex House Hôtel

The Marriott Essex hotel offers gluten free read for its guests, however inform the staff about your dietary requirement upon booking, and they will do their best to accomodate your needs.

The restaurant offers a few dishes created exclusively for the gluten intolerant (but enjoyed by everyone). A few of the chef’s picks below:

Gluten free breakfast:
– Greek yoghurt with seasonal fruits
– Omelette with bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and cheddar.

Gluten free lunch:
– Yellow tuna with radish
– Jumbo shrimp with lemon aioli
– Gazpacho soup with olive oil, feta, and fresh basil
– Lettuce salad with tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and radish.

  • All sandwiches on the menu are available on gluten free bread

Gluten free dinner

Pasta with tomato and corn sauce

Salmon with vegetables medley

Roasted eggplant with basmati rice and tomatoes

Dessert: seasonal fruits platter

(Photos: Facebook)


+1 212-247-0300