Native Foods Café – Culver City (GFO)


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About Native Foods Café – Culver City (GFO)

With locations in four states across the United States, Native Foods is a renowned restaurant for the health conscious. The kitchen is 100% vegan, and it also offers a variety of gluten-free dishes, which are clearly labelled on the menu.

Native Foods Cafe was founded in 1994 in Palm Springs, California, and it was the first fast-vegan restaurant group in America.

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+1 (310) 559-3601


Monday11:00 - 10:00

Tuesday11:00 - 10:00

Wednesday11:00 - 10:00

Thursday11:00 - 10:00

Friday11:00 - 10:00

Saturday11:00 - 10:00

Sunday11:00 - 10:00