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About Ola (GFO)

A Mexican in Miami…Can it get any better?

GF menu: GF options
Type kitchen: Mexican
Gluten Free Pasta: NO
Gluten Free Bread: NO

OLA is located in the Sanctuary Hotel, within walking distance of Lincoln Road and the most luxurious hotels on South Beach.

The two main chefs, Christopher Camacho & Carlos Castro, brought the essential Latin American flavors to Miami Beach, without leaving any spice behind.
Enjoy their amazing ceviches made of the freshest fish, so fresh it is bought every morning at the seafood market by Ola’s owner Brian Lieberman.
The entries are a combination of tapas that perfectly combine Spanish and Caribbean flavors.
We highly recommend the marinated raw fish, a healthy and delectable gluten free option.

Buen provecho – enjoy!

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(305) 695-9125

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