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About Pulqueria (GFO)

Chef Steven Menter sources local produce and ingredients from farms in New York, to bring its customers the best seasonal fresh dishes.

The menu varies with the season. On the spring/summer menu, there is a wide choice of fresh seafood such as ceviches and crab tostadas, while the winter menu is more meat based, offering braised lamb shoulder and rib tacos.
Inspired by the contemporary city of Pulqueria, in Mexico, this restaurant is authentic, yet innovative – and most importantly, it offers plenty of GF options.

Located in the heart of Soho, this trendy restaurant serves all your Mexican favorites: tacos, frijoles, an excellent guacamole, quesadillas, and tortillas.

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+1 212-227-3099


Monday18:00 - 2:00

Tuesday18:00 - 2:00

Wednesday18:00 - 2:00

Thursday18:00 - 2:00

Friday18:00 - 2:00

Saturday18:00 - 2:00