Authorized Gluten Free Sweets for your Child (and yourself)


Easter is almost here! But what candy can your child have? How can you help your celiac child not to feel excluded from his group of friends?

Here is a small list of gluten free authorized candy :

Popular candy brand “Haribos” is gluten free, and in terms of flavors you will be spoiled. In fact they offer a multitude of tasty candies: Happy-Cola, The Golden Bear, Happy Cherries, Goldbären, ABC, Fisheries, Lollipops, Frogs, Grapefruit, Berries, Strawberries, Smurfs, Cherry Cola, Half Moons, Tagada, and Salinos (licorice). Do not hesitate to visit their website, which indicates ingredients and allergens.

Chewings gum often contain gluten, aside from the following brands: “Hollywood”, “Freedent” and and “Airwave“.

For caramel lovers, “carambars” are also gluten free.

In the range of delicious snacks “Kinder” offers few gluten free options, such as Schoko-bons, Maxi, Kinder Surprise and chocoFresh (however they do contain milk, so be aware if your child is lactose intolerant).

The “Quality Street” chocolates are also gluten-free.
Lollies are often gluten free, but we recommend the well- known, certified brand “Chupa Chups“. With plenty of fruity and creamy flavors, the possibilities are endless. However keep in mind that THE COCA COLA FLAVOR IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.

If your kid likes chocolate bars (and who doesn’t), do not worry. You can safely choose between “Nuts”,”Snickers”, “Bounty” and “Toblerone” – as they are all gluten free friendly.

If you are looking for hard candies,”Tic Tac” and “Vosges” are gluten free

Regardless of your age, candy is always delicious. So go ahead, and safely indulge!

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