The 5 Best gluten free pizzas in New York


New York is really aware about food allergies. All Restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn and all servers are extremely well trained on the subject, they do not take risks! The advantage in the Big Apple is that they know very well advise on gluten and in many pizzerias, you will find optional gluten free dough.

What are the best gluten free pizzas to the big apple?

Discover our ranking :

1. Bistango

Since 2006 Bistango offers its customers the possibility of gluten free pizzas and pasta. All the items without gluten are homemade, Bistango has a wide selection of gluten-free stuffed pastas, excellent desserts and even gluten free beer.

2. Pala Pizza 

Discover Pala Pizza, which offers a vegetarian menu and a gluten free menu. Enjoy the Tartufona pizza with truffle or the Valtellina with bresaola and truffle oil. The paste is a mixture of different flours, it is really delicious.

3. Nizza

At Nizza, you have a full gluten free menu with soccas (gluten free pizzas) all delicious and light, the choice Margherita, Asparagus, Burrata, Parma or Pizza Piccante. You will also have gluten free gnocchi.

It is the meeting place for celiacs of Hell’s Kitchen!

4. Kesté Pizza& Vino

Roberto Caproruscio became one of the most renowned chefs for its pizzas. Kise stood out as the “Best Pizza” by the New York Times and also among the top 25 “Best Pizza Places in the US” by Food and Wine magazine.

On the menu of gluten free pizzas, you must choose between the margherita, the Kise, the Prosciutto e Arugula, the Funghi, the Diavola …. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the dough!

5. Mozzarellis

Located in the Flatiron district, Mozzarellis is renowned since 2004 in New York for its gluten free pizzas, pastas , cakes and cookies. They also have a wide selection of gluten free dessert.

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