The guest of the month: Exclusive interview with Chiara, blogging and founder of Baci di Dama who makes us discover all her good plans 100% GF in Italy


This month, GlutenTrip had the chance to meet the very recognized Italian blogging Chiara founder of Baci di Dama. Originally from Sorrento a small town in Italy, Chiara discovered that she was celiac. Not very obvious when you are Italian to stop eating pasta, pizzas or focaccias! Sparkling and full of peps like her, his website Baci di Dama is a real guide to his travels in the “gluten-free” world. For all the italian cuisine lovers, we strongly recommend to go take a look and you will discover all its gluten-free tips…

1) How did you detect celiac disease, what were your symptoms?

I discovered having celiac disease 20 years ago. Being Italian, it was not easy. Pasta and pizzas are everywhere and I love it! Fortunately, this two last years, gluten-free products have improved a lot, we can find good ones.

2) What exams did you take? Do you have experts to recommend us?

You just have to pass the good exams when you have symptoms that resemble of those celiac disease. It is always recommended to take a blood test to check for the presence of certain antibodies and then a gastroscopy.

3) What solutions or supports did they provide?

Not much, in my case I had to learn all by myself. In any case, there is only one remedy when one is diagnosed celiac: the gluten eviction for life!

4) Since you follow the gluten-free diet, do you feel better?

Yes, more energy, fewer stomach aches and bloating. Sometimes lactose gives me the same symptoms so I am vigilant, I can not abuse it.

5) Italian of origin, what are your favorite cities in Italy?

Originally from Naples where I was born, I love this city very much. Then I lived in Rome which is beautiful. I also worked in Turin which is a very nice town with great value for money. I also love Venice, Bologna, Florence, Puglia … In fact, I like everything in my country!

6) What are your favorite gluten-free addresses in Italy (in Rome or elsewhere …)?

The best pizza in the world is the one in my hometown, Sorrento!
An artisan mix developed over the years and a pizza too good made by the famous pizzaiolo Antonino Esposito in his restaurant Acqu’è Sale in Sorrento. The consistency of the dough and the crust, the quality of the ingredients make it a wonder for the taste buds!

In Turin, I love La Madia pastry and bakery, and in Milan my favorites are Via della Spiga and Gluti, two pastries, coffee shop and bistro, of which I personally know the founders and I admire the approach. To support them is a joy for me!

In Rome, I love Mama Eat and Mama Frites, a very nice project, artisan mixes, pizzas and fries to die for!
There is also Grezzo, an absolute favorite, vegan the sign also offers local, their pastries and ice creams are exquisite!

Photo Chiara: copyright Nicole Autumn

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