The Unusual Gluten Suspects


In a perfect world all gluten free products would be labeled as so, and we could easily shop at our local supermarket without constantly worrying about labels and ingredients.

…Unfortunately we aren’t there yet. So below are some tips to avoid the not-so-obvious gluten foods.

– At a restaurant, make sure to ask for sauce on the side. Always ask for the ingredients, and if possible even the brand, as for example not all mustards are gluten free (I can recommend the Maille brand, which is delicious AND gluten free).

– Pasta sauces can be full of additives, so check the back label.

– At restaurants, stews and soups are often thickened with flour. Goodbye gravy, you will be missed.

– Soy sauce has gluten. This was perhaps the most surprising discovery for me, as a I am a huge sushi fan (and who isn’t?). Luckily Gluten Free Soy sauce can easily be found at most supermarkets and restaurants.

– Vegetable broth can also contain gluten.

– Even jams and chocolate can contain glutinous additives, so check the back label.

– Frozen section advice: gluten is everywhere! The french brand “Picard” offers gluten free and allergy aimed products. Just check their website for a useful allergy based search.

– ALWAYS check the back labels. Make it into a habit, and quickly scan the ingredients: if Rye, Oats, Wheat, Barley or flour are present it’s a no-no.

For more, check out the AFDIAG (the French Association Gluten Intolerance) website.

Happy Gluten Free Eating!

Mon combat,
contre l'intolérence au Gluten

Fondatrice du site, je suis intolérante au gluten depuis 7 ans. N'hésitez pas à me solliciter pour tout conseil.

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