Top 5 Best gluten free pastries in New York?


New York is full of gluten-free bakeries, it’s really amazing! For you, we have achieved a ranking, the choice was very hard because all products are excellent!

1.Tu-Lu’s Gluten free bakery 

After being diagnosed gluten intolerant, Tully Philipp decided to open this little paradise in February 2010.Guests can enjoy excellent cookies, brownies, cookies, cupcakes but you can order a gluten-free panini! lactose-free cakes are also available.

You can even order online because the website contains an eshop.

2. Maison Kayser 

Maison Kayser, famous French baker who recently moved to New York enjoyed unprecedented success. The place offers a gluten and lactose free cake and other gluten free cake absolutely amazing!

Enjoy chocolate cake and plavela …

Very light and absolutely delicious, you will not regret it! Maison Kayser also offers brioche lactose but with gluten.

3.Jennifer Way’s Bakery (no gluten, no lactose and no soy)

Welcome to the bakery where everything is made without gluten, lactose and soy and reduced sugar. Discover this little paradise located in the East Village neighborhood, you will have available the excellent homemade bread and a wide selection of delicious buns and bagels. For sweets, you can discover their cookies, muffins their different flavors like apple or blueberry …

You can also place orders online buns, cookies, muffins ….

4.Vegan Divas 

Journalist and native of Brazil, Fernanda Capobianco managed a pastry restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Fernanda uses organic ingredients, fresh and completely natural: exotic fruits such as passion fruit, acai … In 2009 she moved to New York and decided to open Vegan Divas in 2012, a upscale vegan with as organic and low in calorie ingredients. Located on the Upper East Side, you have a choice of cookies, macaroons, mousses, cheesecakes, chocolate muffins, cakes and cupcakes. Ferlanda was used to serve the Clinton family!

Its products are also available on its website where you can order:

5.Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC 

In 2005, Erin McKenna Bakery NYC opens its doors in the neighborhood on the East Side of Manhattan.

The goal was to create vegan and gluten free pastries with organic ingredients and holy to health. Here you will find your happiness for people with allergies to egg, milk or soy.

Enjoy delicious donuts, cookies, cakes and even crumb cakes, muffins, brownies and cupcakes!

It’s a real treat! you can order online

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