TOP 5 best gluten free burgers in New York


New York is the city that is full of delicious fast food. Many of them offer gluten free options and all the servers are very knowledgeable about the gluten desease, it is a real pleasure when you live there !

Here is our little ranking of the top 5 burgers gluten free in New York :

  • BareBurger

The best gluten free burger in New York is definitely BareBurger which is a chain of organic burgers offering only organic ingredients. Here, you can treat yourself and realize your own burger customized with buns made with tapioca flour! Their menu is extremely well specified as well as for vegetarians and for people intolerant to gluten. Also try their french fries and their sweet potatoes fries that are gluten free. Similarly, most of their sauce is gluten free.

Try the best burger : fed grass beef, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cheddar GF Vegan mayonnaise with paprika sauce.

  • Five Napkins

Five Napkins is a string of rather upscale restaurants offering a wide selection of burgers with gluten-free options. Indeed, you will be able to have gluten free buns with a pretty awesome steak covered with cheddar. Their fries are thin and excellent!

  • Friedman’s Lunch

In the heart of famous Chelsea Market, Friedman’s Lunch is famous for its burgers and gluten free sandwiches. Here, is a paradise for people intolerant to gluten, you have a wide choice : gluten free tacos, the guacamole toast and the waffles at breakfast. Enjoy their pastrami sandwiches, a bit heavy but delicious!

  • The Counter

The Counter is very famous in California and is in the area of Times Square in NYC. Here the concept is to choose custom burger. You must choose your sauce, your buns (of course without gluten), your cheese and other ingredients (cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, peperroni …) and your support.

  • Bills Bar & Burger

Discover Bills Bar & Burger, which offers excellent burgers among the best in NYC. Their buns are excellent and their caramelized onions.

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